cover-163x227Her historical work includes the history of Joliet, Illinois, the Joliet Rivals Club (the oldest men’s organization in Illinois) and Unlocking History – Marianne’s journey of discovery on a quest to retrieve a priceless memento of a Kappa Kappa Gamma sister and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sesquicentennial History project. Marianne is currently working on a project covering the 127 year history of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association .

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The Anthology

In 1914, Julia Holmes Smith, M.D. was the editor of The Memory Book, a collection of short Anthology_Ad_2014stories, poems and essays authored by 97 members of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. In her forward she remarked, “The marvel of memory makes of life the real high and holy thing that it is—a bond between the past and present—the prelude of the future.” The publication was a recollection of and tribute to the vision of the group of women who founded IWPA in Chicago, Illinois, in 1885.

In 2014, Marianne Wolf and Susan Brauer collaborated with members of IWPA to celebrate the memory of those hundred years since that early publication. If The Memory Book was “the bridge from the then of eighteen eighty-six to the now of nineteen fourteen” this edition of short stories, poems and commentaries are reflective expressions of the broad outlook on human affairs by today’s members.

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LeadershipbookA celebration of the Presidents from Malloch to Potter
Led to formation by Helen Miller Malloch, IWPA’s 20th president, the National Federation of Press Women has been a dynamic organization with a rich and spirited history.
This 145 page work written by Marianne Wolf, former two-term president of IWPA, gives a glimpse into those resilient, creative and determined forty women that have been NFPW’s guiding force of leaders over the past 77 years.

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